Here are some frequently asked questions about our school.

We have gathered our best answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you want more answers, please email us at [email protected].

Will I like this school? Will my child like this school?

We know that nearly every student can thrive at Escuela Verde. Some qualities that we think are most helpful are:

  • curiosity and an inquisitive mind
  • an interest in getting out of rows and rules of a traditional high school setting
  • an ability to trust in her/his own power to learn
  • and an interest in positively contributing to and participating in her/ his own life and the lives of others.

Of course, students who are interested in food, science, the outdoors, ecosystems, food systems, careers in science, food, and related businesses, and making a great life for themselves will especially like Escuela Verde.

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What do you expect from me as a student?

Have fun while working. We expect students to be their naturally curious selves. We also expect them to share responsibility for their learning, their school, and their lives, and, most importantly, proactive accountability. Students throughout the country say that Project-Based Learning schools are fun places to work and learn. But note the emphasis on a place to work—for life skills, for personal development, and for the betterment of your neighborhood and community.

What do you expect of me as a parent?

Join us and join in. Walk in, look around, ask questions, and connect to Escuela Verde as much as your child does. Help us build this school and restore our neighborhood and community, one student, one parent, and one pepper plant at a time. Your entire family deserves to live in an ever-improving community.

More specifically, we welcome your questions about how your child’s progress is doing. Escuela Verde is where we share your impulse to prepare your child for a full, long, and successful life. But it isn’t a place separate from you—it’s your school, too. You pay for it with your taxes, you send some of the most precious people in your life to it, and it can never reach its highest potential without your active involvement.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Escuela Verde is a public school. It is funded by the State of Wisconsin via our tax dollars.

We also seek donations and funding from the community for our students’ to pursue their passions that may exceed our own funding capacity to provide and expand.

What about your advisors?

All of our educational advisors are not only experts in their fields (some hold or are completing Master’s and PhD degrees), they are passionate about urban education & sustainability. All have many years of teaching experience and comply with DPI requirements.

Who runs this school?

The short answer is that the students and the advisors run Escuela Verde. We run a holistic democratic community.

Students are expected to help craft Escuela Verde. We encourage and support a strong student governance presence and their informed participation is expected.

We also rely on a Community Advisory Council for advice and counsel. These members are selected from the community. We would be honored if you will consider being one of those people.

We are very fortunate to be one of the four TransCenter for Youth schools. TCY has been helping students in Milwaukee learn for nearly 40 years. TCY and our sister schools (Shalom, NOVA, and El Puente) provide the administrative and educational support that we need.

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