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“Education either functions
as an instrument to...bring about conformity or it
becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate
in the transformation of their world" ~Paulo Freire




2017-2018 Printable Application

2017-2018 Printable Application Spanish

Child Find Notice

Child Find Notice Spanish



Helpful resources for all of your project needs.

Welcome, Escuela Verde students! This page will feature helpful student resources.
Please use any of the links below for all your project needs.

Most Important Links

Project Foundry – Track your projects here.

Edmentum -- Complete your background research here.

Khan Academy – Log in and practice your math here.

List of project ideas – This link will take you to the Tagos Leadership Academy website’s list of project topics created by the study body.

List of product ideas – Want to move beyond making posters to demonstrate your learning?
Check out this list of product ideas, compiled by other PBL students.

List of reading product ideas – This list offers options for the product of your Independent Reading Project; talk with your advisor about which you’d like to choose.

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EasyBib – Use this site to create a bibliography for all of your projects.

BrainFuse – Use your own or the school’s Milwaukee Public Library log in information to access free tutoring and work help.

Prezi – Log in to the full site on a computer in order to have greater ability to personalize your Prezis.

Google Docs – Use this as your primary document creation and editing resource. Access your documents with the app on your iPad or online.

Google Sheets – Use this to create spreadsheets on your iPad or on a computer, including charts,
graphs and tables to display your data.

Google Presentation – Use this to create and edit presentations on your iPad or on a computer.
Share your presentation and collaborate with group members!

Google Forms – Use this to create surveys for gathering information related to your projects.
Make sure to have your survey proofed by your advisor before sending!

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Project Starters

Next.cc – A great place to search for project starters by topic.

Learn PBL – A compendium of project-based learning processes and project ideas.

Science Buddies – Step-by-step instructions for creating a wide variety of science projects.

ChemSense – Step-by-step instructions for how to conduct your own Chemistry activities as part of a larger Chemistry project.

Exploring Space Through Math – Earn high school math credit by learning about space and the hands-on application of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus.

Math Project Ideas – 160 math project ideas organized by topic.

How Stuff Works – Ever wonder…? A great place to find project ideas.

TEDEd – Short, interesting videos that make great project starters.

Pinterest – A visual discovery tool that lets you find project and product ideas based on your own searches.

Teaching a People’s History – A great place for project starters related to Social Studies.

PBS POV – Use activities and video clips from PBS’ Point of View series as a stand-alone project or a starter to a larger project.

What Should I Read Next – Not sure what to read next for your Independent Reading Project? Type in the last book you finished and get a list of books you might like.

High School Reading List – Not sure what to read? Check here for the latest recommendations for teens from the Milwaukee Public Library.

Duolingo – Free online language study for working on your World Languages credit.

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Resources for Research and Learning

Open Culture – Free educational resources such as video lessons, e-books, online textbooks, audiobooks, and more.

OER Commons – A compendium of online textbooks.

Coursera.org – Take the world’s best courses online, for free.

Project Gutenberg – Free e-books of all kinds.

CK-12 – Math and science practice and interactives.

Khan Academy – Did you know that Khan Academy is more than just math? Check out their other videos in areas such as Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities, and Computer Programming.

Librivox – Free public-domain audiobooks.

Physics Central – Online comic books related to physics concepts.

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